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Candroy is proud to deliver the best result for any size project by utilizing only the best and latest state of the art equipment in DTG (digital Garment Printer) on white and color fabrics, multi-head Embroidery machines, automatic Screen Print presses, and multi-color high volume Rhinestone machines. Combined with outstanding customer service we are ready to deliver the most satisfying experience for your project.

Candroy is of the very few if not the only one-stop shop for garment decorating in any scale. 1 shirt to 100,000 items, individual or businesses, brokers and designers are all our clients. Candroy offers in-house embroidery, screen printing , Rhinestone , Direct to Garment  and Mug printing.

Candroy Screen Print

High volume T-shirt printing. As some call it silk screening, is the best method to use when the volume of garments is high and the image is a spot color image.  In screen printing, every color needs it own screen, every light color ink on a dark color fabric needs a white under layer. The time to create, set up, remove and clean up makes a screen print not to be sufficient for small projects. Vector file as well as high resolution files have direct effect on the outcome of screen print.


Candroy Embroidery

Embroidery machines need commands to tell the needles where to go and what to do. This action is called “Digitizing” and every logo or text needs to be digitized. The good news is that embroidery machines come with few digitized fonts that are already programmed. Visit our “Embroidery” page to see available digitized fonts. Embroidery on polo shirts, caps,  Monogramming on Robes, names on Christmas Stocking, name tags, Golf bags embroidery, Patches, ....

Candroy DTG Printing

DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing is the future of garment printing. This is best method when there is a picture or an image with lots of colors is being printed on to a fabric. Recommended fabric is 100% cotton although we can print on 50/50, 60/40 to Tri-Blend fabric. No minimum quantity is required since there are screens involved. Personalized T-shirt, picture of a place or person that is made of millions of colors are best to use DTG printing.

Candroy Rhinestones

Candroy offers many types of Rhinestone colors and sizes tailored to your needs. We offer personalized Rhinestone on any type of garments as long as it is possible. Not every and any image can be made into rhinestone pattern, the images and designs must be outline specifically for rhinestone set up. Please visit the Rhinestone page to find out more. It is important that we see your design to be able to answer your questions and to let you know of the possibilities.

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