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From simple embroidery to complicated images, Monogramming and puff embroidery.


Embroidery Machines need commands to tell the needles where to go and what to do and the action of encoding these commands is called "Digitizing".

Logos, designs, fonts and even texts must all be digitized before they can be embroidered. However the good news is that embroidery machines come with some fonts already embedded (Pre-Digitized) in them. The pictures below show the available / pre-digitized fonts that you can choose from. These pictures are actual embroidery sew out and not computer generated.

Projects such as embroidery names on Christmas stockings, initials on Robes, names on lab coats or simple text on any garment do not need digitizing as long as you choose from the below fonts.


Puff or 3D / Raised is another method of embroidery. Here are pictures of an actual image and the outcome in PUFF.

There are two circumstance when an image cannot be Puff embroidered:

A - The image is too small / narrow hence cannot be done as a PUFF embroidery. See the outline of the image. Also the PUFF surface must be minimum 3/16th of an inch wide (about 5 Millimeters). See letters D and R .

B- The image is too wide which will result in the thread to be loose . See the letter H. The surface must NOT be more than 3/8th of an inch wide (about 10 Millimeters). Although you may have seen Puff wider than 10 Millimeters but that is something that we prefer not to do. It simply puts much pressure on the machine while producing the product hence reducing the life and accuracy of these delicate equipments.

Maximum height of a logo that can be embroidered on the front of a baseball hat is 2.25" yet because of the Puff, we had to reduce it for about 1/8". In these pictures you see the outcome of the actual file so that you get an idea what the outline of the image (non-puff area) should be as well .

NOTE: In the actual embroidery on hats, you notice that the bottom of the letter H is perfectly in the center, then move your focus to the top of the letter H, now you see the H looks slightly off centered. This is out of our hands and it is due to the following reasons:

A- Fabric moves while being embroidered.

B- Caps are not sewn/manufactured perfectly.

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Embroidery Pricing

1K -5K5K-7K7K-9K9K-11K11K-13K13K-15K15K-17K17K-19K19K-21K21K-up
6 - 23 pcs$4.50$4.75$5.00$5.25$5.50$5.75$6.00$6.25$6.50CALL
24 - 71 pcs$4.25$4.50$4.75$5.00$5.25$5.50$5.75$6.00$5.75FOR
72 - 143 pcs


144 - 249 pcs


250 - 499 pcs$3.50$3.75$4.00$4.25$4.50$4.75$5.00$5.25$5.50STITCHES
500 - 999 pcs


1k - 2.5K pcs$3.10$3.20$3.40$3.65$4.00$4.25$4.50$4.75$5.0021000
2.5K - 5K pcs$3.00$3.15$3.20$3.45$3.75$4.00$4.25$4.50$4.75AND
5K  and Up$2.90$3.00$3.10$3.20$3.50$3.75$4.00$4.25$4.50UP

CapsDepending on the project qunatity, add $0.15 up to $0.45 to the above pricing when CAP HOOP is used
StitchesAll stitch counts are rounded to the next thousand
Sample Sew out$15 On Pellon or Client Provided Fabric, (up to 15K), Add $0.25 per 1000 if over 15K 
Small QuantitiesQuantity 2- 6 items will be considered as minimum of 6 items
DigitizingWe need to see the design and its dimensions and complixity for pricing
Special ThreadsAdditional charges will apply for: Metallic, Glow in the Dark, Matte, Neon, Specific Pantone color, …... (Call to discuss the project)
Names / Titles5.00 ea. per location with standard font. Set up fee may apply when the project is only various names
PUFF / 3DWe need to see the design and its dimensions for pricing. (Max. height of a logo that can be done on a hat is 2.25")