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Our policy

Candroy Policy

This policy was last changed / updated on Mar-1-2015.

Please read this policy before placing your order.

1.  Clients is responsible for any legal issues regarding copyrights and trademarked material in their graphics / designs. We do our best to keep ourselves updated on images and designs that are out in the world but it's a big world and one cannot know it all.

2.  Our production schedule works on a first come first served basis. Quantity does not push any job ahead of another.

3.  Contract customers are responsible for drop shipping garments to us from their suppliers. We need to know ahead of time when those shipments are arriving.

4.  Are you planning to provide the garment/s for your project?

Although we do our best to complete your job in perfect condition yet be aware that we are dealing with machineries, inks, needles and thread, therefore there is always a possibility for something to go wrong. EITHER provide extra garments OR be aware of 3%-4% average spoilage margin.
If your project is a screen print job: every screen print project requires set-ups and test prints before it starts. Providing extra garments is necessary to cover the spoilage and set-up requirements. Also, no two garment will be printed at EXACTLY the same location since the insertion of the garments into the machines are manually handled and not automated. Hence there is always a possibility of the image  to be printed about 1/4" to either sides on different shirts.

Candroy does not replace client provided garments that and surly does not accept garments with sentimental values.

  • We recommend that you provide at least two shirts extra in each size for spoilage, especially if your count is vital. We can't tell you the number of times we print the front of a shirt in an order and then find a hole in the back.

  • Your shirts are checked in by a specific process. They are counted prior to the start of the production. If the count is off, we kick the job out of the queue until you are notified and we clear the count situation.

  • Your shirt order is counted again before it goes to press.

  • Your shirt order is counted a 3rd time before it is folded and placed back in your original box for shipment. Please count your shirts upon delivery. You have 24 hours to dispute a count error.

5. We suggest that you allow us to provide the garment so that we keep a light stock on hand in the event of any sort of mishaps.

6. If a printing error occurs and it is verified as our fault, we would ask to return all shirts. The shirts that are returned are the ones that will be replaced.

7. All art is sent for your approval. The job does not go into the production queue without your approval.

8. We will provide every consideration on rush orders even during the peak season.

9. We will not produce obscene art or language in regards to The United States and The President. In short, we reserve the rights to say "NO" and refuse to any design (or job / project) without any explanation.

10.  Payment is due before production starts. We do not ship C.O.D.

11.  Our work orders need to be complete before your job goes into the production queue.

12.  We will drop ship your order to your customer or to your location at an additional charge.

13.  Returned check fee: $50.00

14.  Our normal production is 5-7 business days. Rush fee applies for under 5 days.

15.  Prices are subject to change without notice but not after an invoice has been issued.

16.  Written orders are the only way to assure accuracy.

17.  In an event of  customer supplied films, files or any other similar / related items,  we do not take any responsibility for bleeding, spreading, dot gain issues, moiré or other printing problems as well as the outcome of embroidery.

18.  Once your order has been shipped, we are not responsible for any damages that may occur y the shipping companies. Insurance is left up to your discretion.

19.  Imprint area is left to our discretion. Shoulder prints, hem prints, over the seam prints fall differently on each size shirts.

20.  Projects will not be shipped until full payment has been made. Checks need to be pre-authorized.

21.  From the time we inform the client of project being completed and ready for pick up, client has 30 days to pick up the order otherwise the project will be discarded if we do not hear back from client after 30th day. Candroy will attempt 3 e-mails and 3 phone calls using the e-mails address and the phone number that was provided by the client when filling up the "New Account" form. Client is responsible to inform us of any changes / update in their phone numbers and /or e-mail addresses.



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