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E-mail your design to info@candroy.com for accurate pricing

Screen print cost: number of colors in a design + print size + print location/s.
DTG cost: size of the image (in square inches) + print location/s.
Embroidery cost: number of stitches that takes to sew a design.

For accurate pricing we need to know:

* Quantity of garments?

* Garment style (Shirts, Caps, Bags, ...)?

* Screen Print, Embroidery, DTG or ....?
* Print / Embroidery Location/s?

Full Front Center

Front Left Chest

Full Back

Full Front + Full Back

Front Left Chest + Full Back

Full Front + Small Upper Back

* Color of garment?

* Type of fabric?

100% Cotton




Are you providing your own garments?

We do our best to complete your job in perfect condition yet be aware that we are working with machineries, inks, heaters, needles, thread, ....  therefore there is always a possibility for something to go wrong.

EITHER provide extra garments OR be aware of 3% -4% average spoilage margin.
Candroy will not replace garments and surly does not accept garments with sentimental values.
Screen print projects: every screen print project requires set-ups and test prints before it starts. Therefore providing extra garments is necessary to cover the spoilage and set-up requirements.
Let us know how much you are paying for your garments (what brand and style), we might be able to save you $$$ since we have an account with most garments providers.
We always purchase extra garments when we provide your garments, this way we cover the spoilage and your project to be complete.


Rhinestones appliques, Rhinestuds appliques
Your one stop production for Screen printing,
Silk Screen T-shirt printing and all types of garments printing as well as Rhinestones appliques, Rhinestuds appliques. We now offer personalized Rhinestone shirts.
We do our best to be the least expensive shop on the block.
Candroy is also known as San Diego Embroidery, San Diego Direct to Garment (DTG or Digital Garment Printing) and San Diego Silk Screen Printing (screenprinting) on t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops and other garments.

Screen printing

 As some call it silk screening, is best when the image is a spot color image. This means the colors don't fade out and there are no gradients. Screen printing is mainly used for higher volume of garments. This is due to the time and effort that it takes for the set-up / screens to be created. Every color needs it own screen. Also, every light color ink on a dark color fabric needs a white under layer. This is to ensure that  all of the colors look as vibrant as possible when printed on the shirt. See "SCREEN PRINT" page for details.


Embroidery machines need commands to tell the needles where to go and what to do. This action is known as "Digitizing". Any logo or font needs to be digitized. The good news is that embroidery machines come with certain fonts already programmed, so you don't have to pay for digitizing.
Visit our
"Embroidery" page to see available / digitized fonts and images that you can choose for your project.

DTG printing
(Direct to Garment)  One hour T-shirt Printing

The Future of Garment Printing is here. We  print a full color image directly onto a fabric without needing any set-ups, screens, or films. DTG is the best tool for designers who want to test the market. with minimum risk; print 5, 10 or 20 shirts and see if there's a future for your designs, The quality of a print on the fabric depends on 3 variables, the file the fabric and the printer. We only use KORNIT and BROTHER DTG garment printers to insure the highest quality of printing.

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